RADON is an invisible
Radioactive Gas
that causes lung cancer

Majority of Alberta has homes with elevated RADON. Make sure yours isn’t one of them!

    Background on Radon?

Radon is naturally occurring gas; it is released by high uranium content soils. It cannot be seen or smelled.

Radon decays into radioactive particles, these particles are easily inhaled, and they can damage the sensitive lung tissue.

Buildings work like a chimney (stack effect) and pull the radon from the soil. The suction is worse during winter. Radon can enter the building in a variety of ways such as through the foundation wall cracks, concrete slab on grade cracks, gaps around service pipes, floor drains, sump pits and construction joints. An opening as small as 1cm2 (smaller than the cross sectional area of your pinkie) on a basement slab can significantly increase the radon levels in a home.

triangular warning radon sign with post

 Why Should You Mitigate?

How Radon enters a house

cross section image of house-basement, how radon enters the foundation through the basement

Image by Natural Resources Canada

Radon is an inert, colourless, naturally occurring gas. Radon decays into radioactive particles that can be inhaled and damage lungs tissue, causing CANCER.

Lung cancer risk of a smoker for lifetime exposures to current Health Canada limit is 17%.  Lung cancer attributed to RADON in 2011 in Canada 16% (3261 cases).

At 800 Bq/m3, RADON related deaths EXCEED the likelihood of all accidental deaths.

Majority of Alberta is considered a HIGH RISK area for RADON.

Current Canadian indoor radon limit is 200 Bq/m3, Current World Health Organization threshold is 100 Bq/m3.

6.9% of Canadian population is living in homes ABOVE current Health Canada threshold.

Continuous exposures at 200 Bq/m3 is equivalent to 350 dental x-rays per year. 

  What We Provide

R-Can Radon Solutions is fully insured and certified to conduct Radon measurement and mitigation services.

In order to determine the current Radon levels at your property, R-Can Radon Solutions will only utilize the latest state-of-art and most cost-effective measurement tools that are approved by Health Canada and Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program. In order to obtain fast results with good precision, multiple measurement devices will be deployed side by side at the lowest liveable level of your property.

If the radon level within your property is measured to be above the allowable Health Canada limits or if you would like to further reduce it to below World Health Organization’s allowable limits, R-Can Radon Solutions will provide a “tailored” and “turn-key” radon mitigation system for your home or business. For the mitigation system components, only the highest quality materials will be used and the system will come with a 5 year unlimited warranty.

Slab Depressurization System Installation Sequence

Drilling suction hole on concrete slab

Testing using suction hole to determine fan size

Seal slab edge using caulking

Install sump cover

Start installing piping and radon fan

Drill siding to extend pipe outside

Exterior finish with rodent guard

 About Us

R-Can Radon Solutions is a division of Yil Construction that has over 30 years of general contracting experience in Alberta with an excellent record of service. Yil Construction has extensive experience in masonry, reinforced concrete and wood frame construction.  References are available upon request.

Ismet Yilmaz – Managing Partner

Although Ismet is a mason by trade and brings over 30 years of hands-on field experience in construction. Ismet has worked on a variety of projects in the past, from complete masonry cladding systems of low-rise commercial buildings to complete garage framing of homes. Ismet’s experience also includes concrete formwork, reinforcement and asphalt topping repairs/replacement of parking lots. Ismet has certification in radon measurement and asbestos abatement.

Alp Enginsal, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. – Managing Partner

Alp is a civil (structural) engineer with over 10 years of design and project management experience. Alp has vast knowledge in the design and construction of wood frame, reinforced concrete, steel and masonry buildings. He has certification in radon measurement and radon mitigation. 

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